"Bring your customers into the heart of your business"

The Internet creates level playing field for all businesses, what makes your online presence succeed is the services that you provide and ensuring that those services work for your customers. There are also added advantages - because your web site is electronic it is easy to:

This can give you a better idea of what your customers actually want, frequently used pages can be found and the products and services on them marketed more aggressively to increase sales, and the less used pages can be given a lower priority.

Your site can be updated from almost any Internet enabled computer in the world with latest prices or time-scales

Provide feedback
Customer feedback is important, the web provides a very easy way for even the most busy customers to tell you what they think.

Increase efficiency
Many processes, such as ordering, can be completely automated which means less tele-sales staff are required, and orders can be processed more quickly.

Let customers make decisions
Ordering catalogue items, or custom items can be much easier using the web, customers can search for the products that they want, then select say, a colour or size. It is possible to provide much more information about your products in this way since if you also have your stock database online, the type, and details of that type can be cross referenced with it and an estimate of the number of items or lead time can be presented to the customer.

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