"Share ideas and information across the global market"

Your online presence is not limited to your own country, the information you supply on the internet is accessible no matter where you are in the world, this form of 'global convergence' is good for you since it is one way of starting to trade in other countries with minimal expenses.

Web Pages
Your company web pages can be an information rich resource for both your staff and current or prospective clients. Price lists, catalogues, forms, product information, pictures or progress reports to name a few can be placed online, this is especially useful for information that is asked for frequently or is updated frequently.

Many people prefer to use email as their primary form of communication within businesses and to customers since it is cheaper than sending a letter or spending time on the phone. It is also much more convenient for people with busy schedules since they can do their correspondance when they have time. eMails are receivied within minutes of being sent no matter where in the world - this has many added advantages, if you want to send attachments with your email such as spreadsheets or pictures money spent on couriers can be eliminated. eMail also lends itself to the auditing and monitoring of your communications.
If you don't think you are using your eMail to its full potential, contact us for a consultation.

Wide Area Networks, have only been used by corporates for a very long time due to their expense, but the Internet opens this area up to everyone. As tariffs decrease for Internet traffic it will be possible for remote offices or personnel to communicate with staff back at base by means of net-meetings with video to discuss ideas, which means no traveling costs, and for data to be transfered securely between offices worldwide much cheaper than a transatlantic call. If you think that setting up a virtual WAN using your web pages could be beneficial, contact us for a consultation.