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The First Step

Call us to set up an appointment, we can then discuss with you your goals in establishing a presence on the World Wide Web and how Gatefold can help you to meet those goals.

This initial marketing consultation is free of charge.

For Websites:
Once you gave decided that you want Gatefold to design your website, our marketing staff will work with you to plan its design, organisation and content. We will help you determine how best to enhance your business and expand your client base through the Internet. After the general structure of your website is determined, our graphics design team will create a artistic concept for your site.

When you are satisfied with the design concept, we will work with you to create a final outline for your website. We will use this outline to prepare an estimated cost of design. Upon approval of the site, 20% of the estimated cost of design will be required, and we will begin production. After posting your website, we will add a marquee, link, and description of your site in the Gatefold portfolio.

Of course, your website is not complete unless it can be found. Our marketing staff can help you get the most exposure in search engines and directories using our proven marketing techniques. We can also help keep visitors coming back to your site by keeping it fresh, posting new information and updating the design to take advantage of the latest advances in HTML and programming techniques. But before any of that, you need to take the first step...

For Consultancy:
After your consultancy requirements have been ascertained, an estimate of the amount of time required to complete the task can be generated. If you agree this is reasonable then work can commence, depending on the size of the project a 20% retainer may be required before work starts. But before any of that, you need to take the first step...

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