An Internet shop works in just the same way as a shop on the high street. Customers come in, browse, add items to their shopping basket and then pay the cashier on exist. The only main difference is that customers order their goods from home and have them delivered to their home, as with mail order shopping.

There are many benefits of having an Internet shop, usually, opening a new shop involves a vast amount of capital, new staff, lots of marketing, organizing stock, new phone lines etc., etc. An Internet shop involves very little capital outlay in comparison and involves far less organization. No extra sales staff, less stock required, no services to arrange such as electricity, gas, water, phone. Fixed costs such as rent and rates are eliminated. This can mean you can offer products bought via your Internet shop at reduced prices and so become even more competitive! (Or you can offer them at the usual cost and make a bigger profit)

An Internet shop will mean your products are accessible to a far wider market. Its like having a shop in every high street in existence. You can also improve your customer service by offering lots of product detail and information about the company. Any new products can be launched immediately - If you use our online shopping solutions, it could simply require that the necessary information and pictures be eMailed to us and we could update your site in a matter of hours.

Adding online shopping to an existing site can be easily done, although this depends on each individual site. Most Internet shops are designed to enable online shopping at the outset. You don't have to sell all your products immediately, you can choose to have just your best selling products on the site to start with and progress a little at a time. Once the site design has been agreed you can leave the rest to us.

This service is under development