A domain name (or URL, or web address) is the address of your web site. Ours is www.gatefold.co.uk. Once a domain name is registered any other company anywhere in the world cannot use it for the period of registration. Once registration expires you are given first priority to re-register. If you wish to register a domain name give us a call and we will search to see if it available. If so we can register it for you there and then. A domain name can be registered for £85 p.a. for two years. Each year after that it costs 45 to re-register.

If you are unsure about which name to register we can give you advice on what will work best for you.

Why should I register my own domain?

Having your own domain displays an added level of professionalism and permanence and shows that you are serious about your business. It reinforces your company name in the minds of your visitors. It is also a little easier to remember a web address such as:


than it is to remember:


Virtual domains are "portable". This means that if you decide that you'd like to have your web site hosted at a different location in the future, your web address (or "URL") remains the same, in spite of the fact that it is being hosted at an entirely different location.