We recommend you include search engine promotion as part of the general maintenance of your site.

Gatefold will ensure that all sites have appropriate keywords built into the code of the site. Keywords are important as they are what search engines look at when searching for an appropriate web site.

To see what our keywords look like right click with your mouse and go down to view source.

This brings up a window showing the website code. Our keywords change occasionally in order to get us high up the search engine listing, this is something we recommend as part of the web site maintenance programme.

Search Engines

In most cases search engines are the primary form of web site promotion (unless a large advertising budget is made available). The best thing about search engines is that they are free to be listed on.

The downside is that there are sometimes thousands if not millions of web sites in the same category, and unless you are in the top 10-20 positions you will not see many visitors via that search engine. The good news is that Gatefold has developed skills over time to help get web sites placed high up a search list with specific keywords.

We apply various methods to do this and use analysis software to help us discover which methods will work best for you. We also include these services in every web site we design

How many search engines will my site be submitted to?

If we design your site, we will submit it to approximately 15 of the top search engines and directories.

People often ask about these services that submit your site to 40, 200, or even 1000 search engines for a small fee. How many search engines do you know about? How many do you think the average user knows about? We are all using the same major search engines, such as Alta Vista, Excite, Lycos, etc.

So what are all these other search engines?

There are services out there that will allow you to create your own personal search engine using their technology. This is what all these hundreds of other search engines are. And when the people who create these search engines decide that they're no fun any more, the search engine drops away.

We will submit your site to well-known, widely used search engines and directories. We will also find appropriate categories for your site in the top directories such as Yahoo, Infoseek, Lycos, Altavista, etc. This involves a considerable amount of research, but it will pay off for your site in the long run.

Search Engine Promotion Services for existing websites

If you have a web site and are not ranking in the search engines we can offer you our promotion services for your site,

  • Create a report on your current ranking for your keywords
  • Create a list of chosen keywords
  • Optimise the page for those chosen keywords
  • Submit to the top 10 search engines and any local ones
  • Monitor the search engines over the following weeks for keywords
  • Send you a report on the rank links on each site for keywords

Cost for this service 125 including setting up charges

Then afterwards if you wish us to work on specific search engines or create a doorway page (a page optimised for one keyword or one specific search engine) we can take the existing files we have created for you